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Adam Redding Classics

Adam Redding Classic Cars is a professional restoration company of classic cars, boasting of an uncompromising service for more than one decade.

When asking a car renovator about how his business first started, you are likely to hear the same beginning to each story: it all started out as a childhood dream. Our business is no exception to this typical story; with stars in our eyes and mouths wide open, we have maintained the same childlike energy when meeting a new vintage vehicle as we had when first laying our eyes on one. 

Today, we pride ourselves on a wide network of happy clients who appreciate the legitimate devotion and care we approach their old ride with. Regardless of its rusty exterior and worn out interiors, we have yet to come across an old classic that we cannot nurture back to health with true craftsmanship and affection.

Through a passion for classic cars and a genuine enthusiasm for their restorations, Adam Redding Classic Cars will cover every aspect of the process. From body panels, floor plates, interior, and exterior, we will have your vintage vehicle looking brand new.

In addition to providing our clients with an excellent restoration service, we also feature a comprehensive showcase of fully restored and functional vintage vehicles. Ideal for both leisure and investment purposes, these admirable cars will awaken your youthful spirit and take you back to the old days.

Contact Adam Redding Classic Cars to have a look at our impressive showcase of classic cars or to have your seasoned classic restored by professionals.